What to Wear for Winter Running


What to Wear for Winter Running:

When getting dressed for colder weather running, remember that once you get moving your body will heat up pretty fast—leaving you overheated if you’re wearing too many layers. In turn, once you stop running, you will cool down very quickly, so be prepared to get out of your wet clothes as soon as possible after finishing your run. Either change into dry clothes or jump into a warm shower or hot tub.

Below are the basic layers you will want to own depending on where you live and the wind, snow, and temperatures.

  • Running tights- in both medium and heavy weight and caprisevernote-camera-roll-20161207-090252
  • Long sleeve tech shirts—in both medium and heavy weight, one with a ¾ zip at neck.evernote-camera-roll-20161207-090252-5
  • Running gloves and mittens
  • Neck gaiterevernote-camera-roll-20161207-090253-1
  • Headband and tech hat
  • A windproof running jacket
  • Tech fabric or wool blend running socksevernote-camera-roll-20161207-090249

When dressing to run in cold weather, the rule of thumb is to add 10 to 20 degrees to the outside temperature. Keep in mind that this number is dependent upon your body size, run pace, and the length of your run.

60+ degrees: tank top and shorts



50-59 degrees: short sleeve tech shirt and shorts


40-49 degrees: long sleeve tech shirt, shorts or capris, gloves


30-39 degrees: heavyweight long sleeve tech shirt with a short sleeve or a tank underneath, tucked in, tights, mittens, and headband/hat


20-29 degrees: two long sleeve shirts layered, preferably one with a quarter zip to cover up the neck and a tank underneath, tucked in —heavy weight tights, mittens, neck gaiter, and hat


10-19 degrees: two shirts layered, preferably one with a quarter zip to cover up the neck and a tank as the bottom layer tucked in,heavy weight tights, mittens, hat, and possibly windbreaker jacket/pants

Always always watch out for both black ice and the potential for ice under packed snow!

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